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Consulting Bonus

How to become an MyKnower Online Expert and earn the Consulting Bonus?

  • Sign up to become a Myknower User Member
    • Click "Sign up" in the Navigation Bar on the top of MyKnower Home.
    • Fill out and submit the MyKnower Member Application Form.
    • Instantly become a MyKnower User member.
  • Apply for Upgrading to MyKnower Expert Member
    • Sign in to MyKnower and then go to click the "Become An Expert" button in the left-hand column in the member center.
    • Fill out and submit the MyKnower Expert Application Form.
    • If you receive the review result of "application acceptance" soon, you will be able to provide the online consulting services any time, anywhere to global market via MyKnower Cloud Platform.
  • Enrich your MyKnower Expert Blog and check the video and audio devices on your Desktop, Laptop or Pad for preparing the online consulting business
    • Sign in to MyKnower and you can find the User Member Center has been transformed to Expert Member Center. 
    • Post professional articles, photos to enrich and update your Expert Blog contents frequently.
    • Choose the appropriate social marketing widgets, e.g. Flash Sticker or Expert Blog url, to promote yourself and your expertise on the Internet.
    • For instance, you can post your Flash MyKnower Expert Seal entitled your name and title, or paste MyKnower Sticker on website, blog, microblog (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Myspace) forum, guestbook, or as your signature in email you send,  Further, you can use the expert Seal, Sticker and expert blog url on your Ads promotion after you agree and commit to abide by the related Laws and all MyKnower terms and conditions, or regulations.
    • Click "Testing" in the navigation bar on the top of MyKnower Home to test the performance of your webcam, speaker, microphone or headphone.
    • If you would like to catch the business and opportunity for the consulting connection request from the Internet, only sign in MyKnower and keep the status with online located in the right -hand column of MyKnower page.
    • Go to MyKnower Expert Member Center to check your Consulting Bonus Record and Bonus Account Balance after ending the consulting and quitting MyKnower web-based chatroom, namely "MyKnower Instant Consulting Messenger.
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